Dukes Court, Woking

Planning Submitted for Dukes Court project

We are pleased to announce that planning has been submitted on our Dukes Court Public Realm project in Woking.

The project forms part of an extensive development of area that transforms the existing car park and surrounding area of Dukes Court into a public plaza including a restaurant, shared cycle and foot paths, parking for bicycles and extensive soft and hard landscaping including a nine-storey vertical green wall.

The site is in a prime location of the town centre and many buildings are leased as offices facilities. The project will benefit the staff of existing offices and encourage pedestrian flow towards the new plaza. The proposed new restaurant in the centre of the plaza will support local businesses.

This project see’s another development for Woking on the back of our successful Hoe Valley School and Woking Sports Box project.

Keep up to date on this project by visiting our News page.

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