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Works near completion at Quest Academy

Our Quest Academy project in Rugby is nearly complete. This special educational needs (SEN) school is due for completion in August.
Works near completion at Quest Academy

Works near completion at Quest Academy

The project for Quest Academy involves the construction of a state-of-the-art Special Educational Needs (SEN) building, designed to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment. This new facility will accommodate up to 80 SEN pupils and feature ten modern classrooms tailored to meet the needs of students from Key Stage 2 (KS2) through to Sixth Form.

Each classroom will be equipped with specialized resources and adaptive technologies to support diverse learning requirements, ensuring that all students receive personalized education and care. The academy will also include extensive outdoor areas, such as playing fields and other sports facilities, promoting physical health and well-being among students through various recreational activities and sports programs.

In addition to the core academic curriculum, Quest Academy will offer dedicated spaces for specialist subjects, enhancing the educational experience by fostering creativity and practical skills. These subjects include:

  • Art: A well-equipped art studio providing materials and space for various artistic activities, encouraging self-expression and creativity.
  • Science: Modern science labs designed for hands-on experiments and exploration, promoting a thorough understanding of scientific principles and methods.
  • Information Technology (IT): State-of-the-art computer labs with the latest software and hardware, preparing students for the digital world.
  • Design Technology: Workshops with advanced tools and equipment for practical learning in areas such as woodworking, electronics, and graphic design.

Shared spaces within the school include a small sports hall and dining rooms. The sports hall will be a versatile area for indoor sports and physical education, ensuring that students have the opportunity to engage in physical activity regardless of weather conditions. The dining rooms will serve as communal areas where students can enjoy nutritious meals in a social setting, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Overall, the new SEN building at Quest Academy is designed to provide a comprehensive, inclusive educational experience, catering to the varied needs of its students while promoting their overall development and well-being.

There will be an open Cafe as part of the academy which will give space for interaction with the local community.

Quest Academy is another project in a long line of SEN experience and success within the practice.

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