RIBA Stirling Stories 2019

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The concise format of the presentations, combined with the skill and enthusiasm of the speakers, made for a great evening that will inevitably feedback into our own creative processes.

It was particularly inspirational to hear Mikhail Riches discuss their scheme and raise the profile of social housing design, something which we as a practice are passionate about.

RIBA Stirling Stories Attendees

RIBA Stirling Stories 2019

The radical approach to tackling waste in the construction industry demonstrated by Cork House will surely succeed in its goal to get people talking and thinking about what sustainable architecture is.

As Dido Milne so elegantly explained they’re not suggesting every project should now be made from cork but that we should question our attitudes on how best to construct buildings and think about the life cycle of every component we use.

Dido Milne Stirling Stories

RIBA Stirling Stories 2019

A thought provoking night and one we’ll be sure to attend next year.

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