The Inclusive Learning Environments Show
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The Inclusive Learning Environments Show

Noviun will be speaking about 'Stress reduction by good design in SEN schools' at this years Inclusive Learning Environments Show on the 15th-19th March.

Senior Architect Zane Putne will be will be presenting virtually on 15th March at the Inclusive Learning Environments Show taking place 15-19th March

Stress can have a great impact on special needs pupils, affecting up to three times more people than neurotypicals. It has been proven that design can play a part in pupils’ performance, wellbeing and learning. This is especially amplified in special needs learning environments where positive sensory experiences are more important towards assisting staff and pupils’ daily needs and managing their emotions.

The whole school sensory environment is related to how well pupils can deal with stress and therefore these are crucial for pupils as they develop through learning environments. The learning and sensory environment should be seen as one in an SEN context where enhanced experiences can help pupils adapt to life situations and “re-set” emotions, when required.

The Inclusive Learning Environments Show

The Inclusive Learning Environments Show

When considering a whole day in the life of pupils and staff and activities along the way, the presentation explores the design measures that are likely to reduce stress levels, maintain wellbeing and, in turn, increase the learning performance. This is considered through linking emotions and levels of stress throughout the day to specific spaces and activities undertaken at any given time.

To catch the virtual talks, sign up for the event at

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