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Festival of Learning Spaces

Today, Noviun Senior Architect Francesca Bianco will be speaking at the Festival of Learning Spaces run by Education Estates® #EduEst21.

Festival of Learning Spaces

Festival of Learning Spaces

Her talk titled ‘The success of the POE process starts at inception – how to maximise the benefits of this journey’ is part of a wider discussion about Inclusive Design Post Occupancy Evaluation which includes discussions by Jennifer Freeman from NORR, Claire Barton from Haverstock and Claire Jackson, Education Director for Galliford Try with the discussion chaired by Helen Groves, National Education Sector Lead at Atkins.

Inclusive design is about creating the best solutions for all people, regardless of their needs. Join us to explore the panorama of different approaches, aspects and responses to creating inclusive spaces from the point of view of architects, designers and contractors. We will focus on the benefits that using Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluation can bring to a project, under the following headings:


  1. Jennifer Freeman, Norr – using Pre-occupancy evaluation to set the scene for a successful project.
  2. Francesca Bianco, Noviun Architects – the success of the POE process starts at inception – how to maximise the benefits of this journey.
  3. Claire Jackson, Galliford Try – What should the POE process look like to learn the lessons for good inclusive design? – feedback from SEN schools that can benefit all projects.
  4. Claire Barton, Haverstock – more than just a Building Bulletin: how putting together a guide that is complementary to BB104 can assist the real design process.

The webinar begins at 16:00 today and you can sign up by visiting the following website: https://www.festivaloflearningspaces.com/seminar/inclusive-design-post-occupancy-evaluation-poe/


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