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Ask the Professional at Thomas Keble School

Last week Noviun Design lead and Associate Giancarlo Pesiri visited Thomas Keble School to take part in the ‘Ask the Professional’ event.
CGI of Thomas Keble School

The proposed new Thomas Keble School

The event aims to give the older pupils at the school an idea of what life is like in a multitude of career paths from Architecture to Archaeology.

Noviun were delighted to attend the event as part of our involvement in the design of the new Thomas Keble School project on the existing site in Eastcombe, Gloucestershire.

Giancarlo was asked questions such as: what is the most challenging aspect of your profession?; what are the qualifications required?; do you like your job and what is the best and worst things about your job?; what brought you into architecture?, which skills are required?

Thomas Keble School Event

Giancarlo Pesiri at the ‘Ask the Professional’ at Thomas Keble School

The ‘Ask the Professional’ event gave Giancarlo the opportunity to look back at this career in architecture and summarise all the rewarding aspects of this profession that clearly overcame all the hard work involved.

Noviun are pleased to attend events such as these as we continue to support children and young adults in all levels of education.

You can read more about the new Thomas Keble School here.

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