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At Noviun, our expertise lies in providing experienced Cladding Remediation Works for diverse clients, including Building Owners, Housing Authorities, Government Departments, Contractors, and Project Managers. 

With extensive experience in major cities across the UK, such as Bristol, London, Reading, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Northamptonshire, our team ensures the highest standards of service.

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Western Beach - Cladding Remediation

In-Depth Surveys and Fire Risk Assessments

As Architects, we take a hands-on approach to our Cladding Remediation projects, personally overseeing surveys and Fire Risk Assessments of external walls. Our experienced team conducts intrusive surveys with the assistance of abseiling contractors. 

These thorough tests, typically completed within a day or two, involve drilling into each cladding type to assess materials and inspect the areas behind the cladding both horizontally and vertically down the building. 

We meticulously check for fire barriers’ consistency and their correct placement at compartment lines, compartment walls, external doors, and windows. 

Additionally, we conduct surveys within existing buildings to check for compliance with fire doors, compartment junctions, risers, and more.

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A Network of Skilled Consultants for Comprehensive Solutions

Collaborating with an extensive network of skilled consultants, including Fire Consultants, Structural Engineers, M&E Consultants, Approved Building Control Inspectors, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, and CDMC/PDs, we see that our clients receive well-rounded, expert guidance throughout their projects. 

These consultants are separately appointed and carry their own Professional Indemnity insurance and fees.

Pierhead Lock - Cladding Remediation

Technical Reports and Government Funding Support

Following the site testing, our team personally supervises the process and generates detailed technical reports. 

These reports play a crucial role in determining eligibility for Government funding, with the option of assisting with the appeals process if needed.

We facilitate the submission of Reports to the Government for Building Safety Fund (BSF) applications, streamlining the funding process for our clients.

The Cask Store - Cladding Remediation

Comprehensive RIBA Stages for Seamless Project Progression

Noviun undertakes services for a comprehensive range of RIBA Stages for our Cladding Remediation Works from 3 to 6, providing smooth project progression and effective communication at every step.

RIBA Stage 3 – Planning/Certificate of Lawfulness Application:

We assist in the planning and certificate application process, for compliance with all necessary regulations throughout RIBA Stage 3.

RIBA Stage 4 – Building Regulations and Tendering:

Working through “Plans Check” approval with Building Control, we help our clients with Contractors’ Proposals for Pricing and Tendering to the market, optimizing the selection process during RIBA Stage 4.

RIBA Stages 5-6 – On-Site Remediation:

Once the Contractor is selected, and the Tender Price/Contract Sum, Build Contract, and Contract Programme are approved by the Building Safety Fund and the Client/Building Owners, 

The Build Team, including the Contractor, PM, QS, Clerk of Works, and Inspectors, moves to the ‘on-site’ remediation stage, which typically spans a contract duration of 12 to 18 months. 

During this stage, we diligently monitor the progress through regular fortnightly inspections, serving as Technical Advisors and Compliance Inspectors, monitoring the project’s successful execution and adherence to standards.

Ultimately, our process culminates in an EWS-01 sign-off by the Fire Engineer and a Full Completion Certificate by Building Control. These essential steps create a comprehensive building record, often referred to as the ‘Golden Thread.’ 

This record serves as proof that the remediation works have been successfully completed, documenting the building’s safety and compliance.

At Noviun, we prioritize safety and quality, working to an ‘A2’ or better ‘non-combustible’ fire standard for products, and utilizing BBA backed materials for insurance purposes. 

Moreover, we offer the option to act as independently appointed Compliance Inspectors for compliance reports and milestone inspections during the remedial site works, providing an extra layer of assurance and accountability.

Grenfell Tower

Scale and Industry Recognition

With over 10,000 buildings over 18m in height and nearly 80,000 medium-rise buildings ranging from 11m to 18m requiring remedial works, we handle projects of significant scale and complexity. 

Noviun takes pride in being one of only 30 consultants in the country serving on the Board of Panel Assessors for Medium Rise, Department of Levelling up, solidifying our reputation as industry-leading experts.

At Noviun, we offer expert Cladding Remediation Works, catering to a diverse clientele and executing projects in major cities across the UK. 

Our team of experienced architects and collaborative approach with skilled consultants, remain committed to delivering seamless project progress and exceptional results.

Chris Watts, Director

BArch(Hons) MArch DipArch RIBA


Chris heads up our new business in the Cladding Remediation sector and has a wealth of experience in this area. Use the details below to contact Chris directly about any new or existing projects.

T: 01243 558753

M: 07950 162866

Andy is one of our Managing Directors and is responsible for all aspects relating to developing the practice digital strategy.

Andy is heavily involved in the Information Management delivery within the office and is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the management of information processes within a BIM environment on all projects across the practice.