Dukes Court

The brief was to deliver a comprehensive scheme to act as a manifesto for the Council sustainable regeneration of the town centre. Every detail and element of the design was coordinated with a common palette of materials and the same language was introduced in every aspect, complimenting the existing setting. 

Each element participated to create a consistent narrative, and the same design intent was reflected in the wayfinding panels, logo, in the smaller green wall, in the street furniture and lighting.

Dukes Court Bar and Deli

The de-vehicularisation of Dukes Street has provided the opportunity to promote an accessible landscape within the public realm, encouraging shared access for both pedestrians and cyclists, with design features accommodating areas for rest, interaction and relaxation for those employed or visiting the Dukes Court offices or for those on route to the town centre or rail station.

The central focus of the entire scheme is the living wall, which is believed to be the tallest green wall in the UK, outside of London. Extensive consultation with the Local Authority took place to make sure that Woking’s vision for a biodiverse and sustainable town centre was reflected in the landscape and in the concept for the green wall.

The living wall was designed and installed by ANS Global:

With the aim to support local biodiversity and improve the air quality, we designed the living wall to provide sources of nectar, an alternative ecological habitat through the use of soil and bird boxes, with a changing aesthetic through the seasons providing a variety of pollinators.

There are also a large number of species across the wall that have significant air purification properties, which will aid a healthier atmosphere in the immediate area on the plaza.

Images Credits – Solent Sky Services

Dukes Court Bar and Deli Interior

Architect & Lead Designer

Woking Borough Council
Farrans Construction


Largest Living Wall Oustide of London
De-Vehicularisation of Public Plaza